Harm-racing: "MyTach" GPS watch

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Harm-racing: "MyTach" GPS watch

Berichtdoor Roel » di jan 26, 2010 3:47 pm

"MyTach" GPS watch
The ultimate tool for training and set-up!

The comparison of different adjustments, differentials, tyres etc. is normally just possible on the basis of lap times. Very often it isn’t possible to take lap times and a normal stop watch has to be used.

The GPS-system “MyTach” offers an alternative. The weight of the watch is just 82 g (including bracelet) and with the size of 67x52x19 mm it can be easily mounted in the model car.

The system supplies the following data:

trajectory of the car
lateral acceleration
longitudinal acceleration
lap times
lap length

By means of a special, free of charge software it is possible to analyse and compare the data.

The track design is shown by means of the lines driven. Therefore each lap can be compared and analysed.

An essential tool for any ambitious driver.

bron: www.harm-racing-products.com
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